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by Barry Lipsky on Max Effort Sports PT

Dr. Jonathan Belmonte and staff,Thank you for the following:Setting goals for the treatment of the trauma injury I had from day 1.Full time attention of your staff each treatment session.Highly focused attention to the treatments during progression.Constant monitoring of the results and upgrading the exercises.Using the most advanced techniques for treatment of athletes.Delivering everything you promised to deliver.Meeting the goals you set on Day 1Barry Lipsky

by Danielle on Max Effort Sports PT
Max Effort

Jon & his team at Max Effort are knowledgeable, comforting, and willing to work with you whichever way you need. Whether it's Tara's expertise behind the desk, working with your insurance company to make payment as smooth as possible, or Jon squeezing you in because you're in excruciating pain - they are always willing to go the extra mile. I've gone to Max Effort for 2 issues, and after a few physical therapy sessions, I felt like a new person. Every session is tailored to your needs, exercises and stretches are explained fully, and you end up leaving with a better understanding of your body, your injury, and ways to prevent future ones. I'm truly thankful for their patience and for their help. Nobody wishes for an injury - but if you do happen to have one - there's no better place to work it out than Max Effort.

Thanks for everything!

by Nicole C on Max Effort Sports PT

My very active 7 year old daughter was complaining about her knee hurting a lot so I took her to the orthopedic and she was diagnosed with RSD (very rare condition for a 7 year old) I was told she had to do 6 weeks of physical therapy and was recommended by a friend to Max Effort. Not only were they extremely professional, the entire staff was extremely knowledgeable about this diagnosis. They are so friendly and made her feel right at home. So not only are the great with adults (my friend) they are so great with kids. I highly recommend them to everyone. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for my daughter.

by Cathy B. on Max Effort Sports PT
Max Effort Sports PT

Max Effort is by far, the best physical therapy center around! I sprained my ankle way back in September. I saw a local orthopedist who recommended I start physical therapy. I began physical therapy at the same office of the orthopedist. After several months of therapy, I still felt there was something wrong, and was basically told "it takes time". I was referred to Max Effort by a girl at my gym. At the very first visit, Jon examined me, did an evaluation, and told me he felt there was something wrong with my talus bone. He referred me to a podiatrist, and sure enough, I had a crack in my talus bone. I began physical therapy two times a week, I continued for about 2 months and am happily back in action! Jon and his team are thorough, extremely knowledgeable and they work with you every step of the way. On numerous occasions while I was in his office, I have heard people tell him, "You were, right, it was...." Jon explains every aspect of your treatment, and the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. It is not a "one shoe fits all" approach. Jon and his team will get you stronger than you were before. An absolutely top notch physical therapist!! You will be glad you went!

by Michael Austin on Max Effort Sports PT
Life changing...

I don't want to write a book here because I want people to read this. I will spare you the details of my story and get right to the main points.Jonathan Belmonte has changed my life. I have dealt with chronic back, shoulder and scapular pain/diminished function over the past 10+ years. Throughout that time I have seen the following healthcare providers:*Orthopaedic Surgeon x 3*Spine Surgeon x 2*Vascular surgeon*Physiatrist*Neurologist x 2*Cardiothoracic Surgeon - surgically removed 1st rib*Physical therapist x 2*Jonathan Belmonte - Max Physical TherapyJonathan Belmonte is the ONLY ONE who not only made a difference, but basically resolved major, anatomic issues over a period of 3-4 months. He has done more for my physical and mental health than he or anyone will ever know and I could not recommend (or thank) him enough. Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and patient.There are many physical therapists out there who may have graduated PT school. However, I guarantee that many do not share in Jonathan's passion for executing in-depth, extensive diagnosis and treatment. This is what sets him apart. Max Physical Therapy above the rest hands down!

by Christina B. on Max Effort Sports PT
Highly Recommended!

Unsure of where to attend for physical therapy after an unexpected wrist surgery, I turned to the Internet for help in finding a place with great reviews. Fortunately, I found Max Effort, and I have been more than pleased with my experience. Jon's ability to pinpoint the exact exercises I needed to gain mobility back to my wrist were exceptional, along with his in-depth explanations of exactly why I had loss of mobility after surgery. His expertise and caring demeanor, along with his staffs, made the ache of needing to attend physical therapy twice a week, a wonderful experience.

Professional and friendly staff. Being an athlete I wanted to go somewhere where they understood my specific needs. Jonathan is a sports certified pt who is incredibly knowledgeable and each visit gave me personalized attention with specific exercises tailored to my sport which allow me to return to activity stronger than before. I highly recommend coming to this facility. You won't be disappointed.

by Lisa Demetriou on Max Effort Sports PT

Having the need to attend physical therapy many times during the course of my adult life and having gone to several different places to receive that therapy I can say that physical therapy with Jon Belmonte has been, by far, the best of the bunch!As an athlete it’s important to me to find a physical therapist who “gets it”. Jon has the unique ability to draw a distinction between the patients who are athletic, fit and strong and the patients who are de-conditioned or elderly. My past experience with other physical therapists was basically the same: they all used one “cookie-cutter” approach treating everyone in therapy like they were feeble and brittle. Jon has the ability to assess each individual and use a protocol that unique to the patient’s injury/surgery, their prior level of strength and conditioning and their ability to function while recovering.Prior to physical therapy with Jon I never stuck to physical therapy for very long. I felt as though I was wasting my time and I rehabbed myself. Physical therapy with Jon was more like I was not only returning to normal function, but I was actually getting stronger and healing ahead of schedule.Going to the right physical therapist is just as important as going to the right surgeon. For my physical therapy Jon Belmonte was the best choice!