Sports Physical Therapy

In the field of Sports Medicine, we focus on assisting individuals who want to remain physically fit as well as individuals who are trying to sustain, or regain, their prime athletic performance levels. We accomplish this through the use of injury recovery treatments and/or injury prevention techniques. From elite professional athletes to individuals who just enjoy working out at their local gym after work, the numerous benefits that Sports Physical Therapy can provide are becoming apparent to individuals throughout the country. By implementing injury prevention techniques and, when necessary, recovery treatments, our patients remain flexible and active. This allows them to meet their personal and/or professional competition, and fitness goals.

By providing our patients with a variety of therapies and treatments at a single location, our medical professionals can work together to assist our patients as they move through the recovery process, or as they maintain/regain their physical fitness level. In addition, we work closely with our patients doctors to ensure they receive the optimal care they deserve, while avoiding any unnecessary or prolonged treatment. The non-surgical, non-invasive sports medicine techniques and treatments that we utilize are extremely effective in re-establishing pain-free function; thus, typically allowing our patients to return to the daily activities and sports they enjoy quickly.

At Max Effort Sports PT, we provide treatment for a wide range of sports-related and overuse injuries. Our services are available to individuals who reside in and around Long Island and New York. Whether you are an athlete who has sustained injuries while participating in a sporting event, or you would like to learn more about the variety of services we offer to help individuals remain physically fit, please contact us today.

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