Orthopedic Medicine

Unfortunately, some trauma cannot be avoided. Consequently, it is not uncommon for individuals who live an active lifestyle to sustain an Orthopedic and/or Sport-related injury at some point. However, the majority of injuries occur due to static positions or repeated movements that are performed incorrectly. Each movement has an appropriate and inappropriate motion. Once our clients complete their sessions, they walk away with the tools they need to move appropriately and continue living the active, pain-free lifestyle they love.

Assessing Mobility, Stability and Strength

Recognizing and correcting improper movements requires a comprehensive evaluation designed to find out what actions are causing an individual’s pain. At Max Effort PT, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate each of our patients. We use the most innovative assessment tools available to assess our client’s mobility, stability and strength. These tools include Postural and Dynamic Movement Assessments. Following assessment, we create each of our clients a custom-designed treatment plan.

Postural Movement Assessment

Many times, a person’s movement patterns are dysfunctional. This dysfunction frequently leads to pain, which is caused by overuse, imbalance and the overloading of tissues. On many occasions, the pain clients experience is not related to the area where the pain exists, but merely a result of the dysfunction. Using a Dynamic Movement Assessment, we can manually test the client’s muscles to identify and then address the compensation patterns that are causing his or her other muscles to become overactive, and work harder, which is what leads to the pain.

Dynamic Movement Assessment

We use a Dynamic Movement Assessment to clinically assess fundamental movement patterns. This assessment method provides an efficient way to systematically locate the cause of a client’s symptoms, not just by the source, but by breaking down dysfunctional patterns and diagnosing whether the root of the problem is related to the client’s mobility or stability/motor control.

At Max Effort, our clients enjoy a seamless transition from rehabilitation to sport. If you have been injured, have an overuse injury or want to learn more about proper movement techniques, contact our office today at 631-416-6926

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