About Max Effort Sports PT

At Max Effort Physical Therapy we focus on patient specific innovative care in an outpatient setting. We are proud to provide the following services:

  1. One on One Physical Therapy for
    A) Sports Injury
    B) Orthopedic Surgery
    C) Musculoskeletal Conditions
    D) Neurologic Disorders and more

What Can You Expect At Max Effort Physical Therapy?

Initial Evaluation: We perform a thorough, full body evaluation for all of the clients we care for. All of the activities you perform utilize multiple joints simultaneously and our assessment is no different. At this time we will also discus your goals for PT, whether it be to return to running marathons, or go to work each day without pain.

Treatment Interventions

Modalities: Those in acute pain from surgery or a recent injury may receive electrical stimulation and thermotherapy to help alleviate symptoms for activity participation. We encourage clients with manageable symptoms to begin treatment sessions with a dynamic warm up such as stationary cycling.
Manual Therapy- Is a therapist driven, hands on approach to treating soft tissue and joint dysfunction. Research has shown that assisted joint mobilization helps decrease pain perception and the active releasing of soft tissue reduces movement restrictions. We also educate all of our clients in self-directed active stretching to increase blood flow to the targeted region and prepare the body for exercise.

Neuromuscular Re-education and Activation- Routines are a part of daily life and often lead to overactive and under active muscles which can create movement imbalances. Correcting these imbalances assists the muscles of the body to function in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve correct biomechanical control at a joint during desired movements.

Theraputic Exercise- These are patient directed, specific interventions used to rebuild weakened muscle and work toward returning to full pre-injury abilities. These activities range from progressive resisted exercises to athletic movement simulations. Exercises will increase to meet the improvements made by the patient with the goal of improving movement efficiency.

Return to Sport Testing- After time off due to an injury an athletes return to the field can be difficult. During this phase we simulate the demands of your sport to ensure a safe return to participation. You will perform activities such as; squatting, jumping, pushing, pulling, sprinting, and cutting and measured against a researched baseline.

Athletic Injury Prevention Screening and Treatment

With the rising rates of sport participation and specialization in the pediatric and adolescent populations musculoskeletal injuries are constantly rising. We have developed a dynamic assessment with evidence-based support to identify any impairments that may lead to an injury.

  1. A) Pre and Post testing
    B) Joint mobility testing
    C) Muscle strength and imbalance testing
    D) Biomechanical control during functional movements
    E) Endurance, and Agility training